Inauguration of the first export terminal for handmade carpets in Zanjan

According to the economic group of Zanjan Center Radio News Agency ; The activity of this export terminal will play a very effective role in the export leap, which with the establishment, according to the Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Deprived Areas of the country, rural industries will grow by 30%.

In this ceremony, it was announced that in order to increase the production of handmade carpets and to create hope for carpet weavers, a free carpet weavers insurance plan will be implemented from today.

The head of the National Carpet Center of Iran added: “Handmade carpets need to create development infrastructures to be active in the global market and foreign trade, which will be provided by launching a specialized terminal for handmade carpets in the country.”

Rafi said that the launch of this terminal in Zanjan province will be the beginning of our work: “In this terminal, for the first time in the country, we launched a virtual carpet exhibition called iranyes, in which 600 foreign traders were connected to this terminal.” Negotiations and commercial transactions will be held with carpet exporters in this terminal.

He continued: “In order to set up this export terminal in Zanjan, the necessary infrastructure such as customs offices, post offices, offices for providing commercial services and transportation, software infrastructure and communication offices abroad were also created.”

The total global export of handmade carpets last year was more than $ 800 million, of which Iran’s share was $ 73 million.

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