Zanjan carpet export leap from the export terminal platform

The head of Zanjan Province’s Industry, Mining and Trade Organization said: With the opening of Iran’s first export terminal in the province, carpet exports will jump.

In an interview with ISNA, Nasser Faghfori stated: “Following the follow-up, the first export terminal for Iranian hand-woven carpets will be opened in Zanjan province on October 3, 2010. Business and transportation services, software infrastructure, and overseas liaison offices are established.

He added: “Currently, the communication offices of Iran’s carpet export terminal with India, Germany and Canada are ready, and the launch of the handmade carpet export terminal will make the country’s carpet produced with an export view and facilitate the export process, and all our efforts are to be able to Provide incentives and facilities to all traders in the country.

The official continued: The activity of this export terminal will play a very effective role in the export leap, and with its establishment in Zanjan, we will witness the evolution of this industry, including weaving, dyeing and carpet export.

Faghfouri stated: The export terminal of Iranian handmade carpets in Zanjan province will be set up in an area of ​​۵۰۰۰ square meters, which has gallery sections, meeting hall, auction hall, training and IT classes and ancillary service units such as restaurant, coffee shop and support through two websites. Internal and external.

The head of the Zanjan Province Industry, Mining and Trade Organization, referring to the number of weavers in the province, reminded: Currently, most of the weavers in the province are present in Zanjan, Khodabandeh, Mahonshan, Abhar, Ijroud, Tarom, Khorramdareh and Soltanieh, respectively. Currently, there are about 16,000 carpet weavers in the province, who are active part-time and full-time, while each carpet weaver creates employment for about 3 people.

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