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Iranian handmade carpets are the representative of culture and art of this land to all over the world. In addition to the high position of art during its life, handmade carpets have valuable economic and social values that show the necessity to pay more attention to this product and national treasure.

Artful but calloused hands of carpet weavers who shine the bright light of carpet weaving art and protect its values throughout the history of this nation, as well as the steadfast steps of designers, painters, spinners, dyers, researchers and craftsmen whom have seen and passed the hard routes in order to promote the value of art and craft of carpets in the lightest level, and their loving chest have embraced the long-standing tradition of this handicraft, and their miraculous hands dedicate this result of their past generations’ efforts to art lovers all over the world.

The global economy is rapidly moving towards convergence and the integration of national economies into the international economy and the interdependence of countries. Given that competitiveness is the most vital issue in the process of globalization, recognizing the comparative advantages of the country in various economic sectors can be an important step to increase the competitiveness of the economy. One of the important industries that should be studied for this purpose is the handmade carpet industry. Due to the structural features and diversity and various regional specialties regarding the method of weaving, design and drawing and painting, Iranian carpets can be considered as one of the major centers for the production of handmade carpets in the world.

The development and prosperity of this industry will have positive effects on the country’s economy and will create direct and indirect employment, create added value and foreign exchange earnings and increase exports, as well as the prosperity and development of rural life. The study of the production and export of handmade carpets in the country shows that if the suitable and appropriate support is provided, despite the existence of rival countries producing this product in the world, in the near future we will see the growth of this industry in the country and gain more share of the market in the world.

We have acted in accordance with paragraph 5 of the approval letter No. 81293 dated 23/5/86 of the Cabinet, with the aim of comprehensive support in various fields of production and supply of artistic and cultural values of Iranian handmade carpets in this field.

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